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updated 11:29 AM UTC, May 4, 2016

LG Optimus One P500 review

LG Optimus One P500 review 

After using basic Nokia phone for over 6 years , I decided to upgrade and experience the Smart phone. But, I don't wanted to buy expensive smart phone as it was my first smart major investment. I decided to keep a budget of Rs.10000 or $200. Initial search led me to basic version of Samsung Galaxy models , which when I took a demo didn't impress me because of the Screen resolution.

After some search, I found this GEM which in every way was the best phone at this price point. What really impressed me was the Screen display quality and good RAM size 512Mb.


These are some of the positive things about LG P500:

1) 512 Mb RAM

2) Good display quality

3) Upgrades to Android 2.3.

4) Audio quality

5) GPS works fine, sometimes takes ages to connect though, comes handy in countries where people depend on machines than humans :)


These are some of the things which are not so great things:

1) Phone struggles after installation of 10 or more apps, considering the price and the specs , I expect it to behave like this.

2) One annoying thing is , my Mobile watch is always ahead of other in keeping time. Some problem with hardware or software , I am not sure , but always my time fast forwards itself 2 minutes per month.

3) Dust problem , I took a model which was not resistant to dust. Next models are not having this problem I suppose.

4) No front facing camera for Video calling, can we expect this at this price point? :)


My conclusion:

Considering the price, It is one of the best phones available in the market. If you are planning to upgrade from a basic phone for the first time and not willing to invest in an expensive phone. This is the best option.

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  • Written by Madhu V Rao
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Amazon Kindle Keyboard 3G Review

Amazing E Ink Screen and Really long battery Life

After carefully going through many EReaders , I finalized Sony Ereader and Amazon Ereader. What took me away from Sony was the free 3G connection and huge collection of content from Amazon.
When I was searching for Ereaders , I was hearing constantly about Amazons properietary nature and Amazon not allowing other contents to be added into the Ereaders , which was not true at all. I am able to read many formats of data including epub, PDF, etc.

These are some of the things which I am using my Amazon Kindle for:

1) to get connected to my native place , by reading magazines and Newspaper from India.
2) to read books , I have stopped reading on my Laptop, which is helping my eyes to recover from the long day of using computer.
3) to browse internet and check maps when I am traveling , making use of the free 3G connection.
4) to read the RSS feed for many sites which I am following, I receive daily updates from the Google.

These are some of the positive comments about Amazon Kindle:

1) Amazing Amazon collection of books and other content.
2) Superb battery life , u have to switch off the 3G connection when you are not using to take the benefit of long battery life.
3) E Ink pearl display is one of the best, very crisp, good contrast display.
4) Free 3G anywhere in the world (over 160 countries) , can't ask for more.

What I feel is not so great:

1) Screen size, It would have been better if Screen was bigger (I can't afford to buy Amazon Kindle DX)
2) Formatting of content in some books and magazines, though it is content issue , I have quite frequently come across this issue.
Lots of content but some are not so readable.


Its definitely one of the important gadgets for any one who is an avid reader. For travellers , its your companion use it when your waiting for your next flight or in the flight.

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Olympus Pen EPL1

 Excellent Image Quality and Fantastic Art Modes

 After reading lots of reviews I finally decided to buy Olympus EPL1 as it suited my needs and budget.

I am not a professional photographer and not interested in becoming one. What I wanted is a Camera which produces good image quality in all situations even in low light condition.

I have had experiences in digital cameras , which produced excellent images but had very little to offer when it becomes dark.
So after careful consideration , finally bought Olympus and tried out all the automatic options provided by EPL1 in all conditions, And I am pretty happy with it.
Even my photographs now look professional :)
Still exploring the menu options and modes in this camera. Downloaded this excellent book called "Olympus EPL-1 for Dummies" going through it and learning new possibilities in this excellent piece of electronics.
Low noiseExcellent imagesHD Movie RecordingArt filters

These are some of the Snaps using various art filters and some using iAuto mode:


start stop bwd fwd

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  • Written by Madhu V Rao
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