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updated 11:29 AM UTC, May 4, 2016

Why Java is used in Devices like the set top box ?

  • Written by Madhu V Rao

Why Java is used in Devices like the set top box?

There are many reasons why Java is used in devices like the Set Top Box. Reason is The Java platform provides the following benefits:

  1. Portability across platforms: Write Once, Run Anywhere (operating system platform-independence)
  2. Faster time to market (ease of code reuse)
  3. Lower development costs (ease of code development and reuse)
  4. Security (information can be protected, individual capabilities can be granted to applications)
  5. Support for memory-constrained devices
  6. Standards compatibility
  7. Enhanced code quality (enabled by the Java languageā€™s object orientation and security features)
  8. Improvements to startup time and memory footprint

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