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updated 11:29 AM UTC, May 4, 2016
  • Core Java

    This is a section for some tips and tricks in Java. Some articles about Memory profiling , instanceof operator explanation, String pool , etc..

  • Java EE

    Here you can find useful information about Java Enterprise Edition (J2EE).

    Tomcat is considered in all examples as its Open source and up to date with API compliance.

  • C/C++

    Concepts, tips and tricks in C/C++

  • Ruby

    Got an opportunity to learn Ruby programming language as part of my work.

    Here you can expect some trivial things which I struggled initially with Ruby And also some Utility programs which can be used as an example in building the apps.

  • Programming Interview Questions for fresh Grads

    Here I will be posting some of the programming interview questions with answers mainly targeting fresh engineering grads.

  • General Topics

    In this space you can expect some interesting tips and tricks.

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