Facebook to buy Opera ?

Rumour says facebook is in talks to buy Opera ? what a browser company ?

It seems they want to launch their own browser... with integrated buttons to its social networking.

It seems you need to keep buying (using public money )and be in news to grow your business :)

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SAP's planning to buy Ariba inc for 4.5 billion

German enterprise software make SAP says it will buy spending management software company Ariba Inc for 4.5 billion.

Ariba Inc Board members have approved the deal and SAP is waiting for Aribas share holders approval. If all goes well SAP would close the deal by third quarter.


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HP is downsizing by 30K?

HP is planning to downsize by 30000. According to reports , its planning to downsize almost by 9% of its present strength.

It is believed that main culprits in this move are SMARTPHONES and TABLETS, which has resulted in decrease in demand for its PC sales.

Though HP is one of the largest makers of PC's and Printers , its still struggling to make a mark in Smartphones and Tablet market.

For more facts and figures , please see Yahoo Tech News.


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microsoft quitely launches

Software giant Microsoft quietly launched social networking for students which can help them network with their peers.It combines search and social networking. You can login through facebook and windows live.

It isnt designed to be a facebook challenger.

more on this in

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Google planning to buy Meebo???

Rumors are floating around about the Googles intention in buying the Meebo for $100 Milliion. 

For those of you who havent used Meebo , It was an instant messaging platform , which provided a web-based platform for chatting and it integrated yahoo messenger, IM , etc. We were using it in our workplace where yahoo messenger was blocked due to security reasons.

In their latest homepage , Meebo is pushing people to use their tool which helps people "create an interest profile to get new and timely information about the things that matter to you."

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